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Miss Bertnell Auclene Malisa Richards

Photos of I.T. Lecturer at Graduation

Introduction to Chairperson

Miss Malisa Richards
Information Technology Lecturer giving the Introduction to Chairperson

Welcoming Graduands and Introduction to Chairperson

Malisa Richards
Giving the Introduction of Chairperson

Members of the Head table

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Teacher:- Miss Bertnell Auclene Malisa Richards

A Brief Introduction About Myself

D.O.B. - 5th April, 1983
Age: - 21
Nationality: Guyanese
Religion: Christian
Hobbies: Surfing the net, listening to music, sharing jokes, travelling, singing, sports and lots more.
Colour of hair: Black
Colour of eyes: Brown
Height: 5ft 7in
Weight: 143 lbs

"In the rhythm of life, we sometimes find ourselves out of tune, but as long as there's someone which becomes our melody, the music plays on. Thanks for being one of my best songs." Bertnell A.M. Richards