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About Kuru Kuru Co-operative College

We must not imagine that we have found all the answers and solutions to all the problems and difficulties that confront Guyana on its way to socialism. There has to be a constant application to reason and reasoning to the objective of the situations internal and external, as and when they arise. We must not, we cannot, be dogmatists with a static perception of Guyana and the world. We ought to seek at all times to employ tactics, and apply remedies or prescriptions, that are relevant to our country, community and society.

Comrade L.F.S. Burnham
First Biennial Congress
People's National Congress
Sophia, 18th August, 1975

"The Mission of Kuru Kuru Co-operartive College (KKCC) is to study and promote co-operative action as a means of meeting the economic needs of people. The college works in rural and urban settings to provide educational programmes and research on the co-operative form of business. Kuru Kuru Co-operative College provides education and consultancy in the establishment of co-operatives, organizational and financial analysis and long-range planning"